Teacher Bonus : Three lesson plans to use as templates when you create lessons for your context.

Faculty Development:

ELLs and Reading
Across the Curriculum

A Virtual Workshop for Teachers

The Professional Development Workshop for Teachers “ELLs and Reading Across the Curriculum” has three parts:


The 5 Key Concepts
for Successful Teaching
of English Language
Learners (ELLs)

Good teaching for ELLs is good teaching for everyone.


The relationship between
common core reading standards,
reading across the curriculum,
and ELLs

Students must develop analytical reading practices in all subject areas.


Using Read
Ahead to meet
the standards and
help ELLs

Read Ahead can help meet the standards for reading.

Workshop created and led by:

Catherine M. Mazak is Co-Director of CeIBA

Catherine M. Mazak, Ph.D.

“English language learners enter our classrooms with a rich tapestry of linguistic and cultural resources just waiting to be leveraged into school success. As teachers, our job is to recognize and tap this deep potential as we prepare English language learners for future academic growth.”

Catherine M. Mazak is Co-Director of CeIBA (Centro para la investigación del bilingüismo y aprendizaje/Center for Research on Bilingualism and Learning) and a tenured Professor of English at the University of Puerto Rico, Mayagüez. She got her PhD in Critical Studies in the Teaching of English from Michigan State University and her MA in TESOL from the University of Arizona. Author of numerous textbooks, edited volumes, and journal articles, her research focuses on honoring students’ unique set of linguistic skills as they navigate English across varying academic contents. She has taught in the Master of English Education program for over ten years, developing educators with a focus on English language teaching and learning within the unique bilingual context of Puerto Rico.