By the end of Module Three, learners will be able to demonstrate knowledge about best practice in online learning in content specific areas by earning 80 out of 100 on a quiz.

By the end of Module Three, learners will also be able to demonstrate knowledge about what it is like to work or learn in an online school through peer discussion.

Overview of Tasks

  1. Watch instructional videos including the KSU subject/content area guest expert videos
  2. Review the Blended Learning Universe or the Dell Foundations Blended School Examples
  3. Watch the virtual school tours
  4. Read the required articles
  5. Participate in the Module 3 discussion forum
  6. Complete the Module 3 quiz

3.1 | Watch Instructional Videos

Watch all lecture videos associated with Module Three.

Video 1: Blended Learning Models

If the video will not play visit this link http://youtu.be/-O5he4AKn6k.

Self-check: Module 3 Video 1 Quiz (5Qs)

Video 2: Guest SME – Andy Boyle

If the video will not play visit this link http://youtu.be/kwmMjRcXcCY.

Supplemental Content Area Resources
Social Studies –Andy Boyle

Video 3: Guest SME – Dr. Stacy Delacruz

If the video will not play visit this link http://youtu.be/XZJgmlUrB_Q.

Supplemental Content Area Resources
Early Literacy–Dr. Stacy Delacruz

Video 4: Guest SME – Dr. Maurice Wilson

If the video will not play visit this link http://youtu.be/QJx86fhqtBQ.

Supplemental Content Area Resources
Mathematics – Dr. Maurice Wilson

Video 5: Guest SME – Dr. Joanna Simpson

If the video will not play visit this link http://youtu.be/2MAH0f3Cia4.

Supplemental Content Area Resources
English Language Arts – Dr. Joanna Simpson

Video 6: Guest SME – Dr. Charlease Kelly-Jackson

If the video will not play visit this link http://youtu.be/xY0MhJy6HTQ.

Supplemental Content Area Resources
Science/STEM – Dr. Chalease Kelly-Jackson

Video 7: Guest SME – Dr. Linda Evans

If the video will not play visit this link http://youtu.be/mt8dQ1hVKaI.

Supplemental Content Area Resources
Inclusive Education – Dr. Linda Evans

3.2 | Week 3 Study Guide

Download, Use, and Save the Module-Three-Study-Guide

Download, Use, and Save the Module-Three-Study-Guide to keep track of what you’ve learned in this module. You will need it to study for your mid-course quiz in Module 4.

  1. How many models for blended learning did The Clayton Christensen Institute for Disruptive Innovation design?
  2. The Clayton Christenson Institute’s blended learning models are – ?
  3. This Rotation model has a sub-model credited to teachers at Woodland Park High School who recorded class lectures for absent students, posted them online, and found that all students benefited from accessing class lectures at their own pace. This sub-model is known as:
  4. Teachers often put this Rotation sub-model into practice as a differentiation strategy in classrooms with students who needed remediation or extension activities:
  5. Taking one or more courses entirely online with online teachers while also taking courses in the traditional brick-and-mortar school is the hallmark of which main blended learning model?
  6. Almost all Subject Area Guests (from the KSU videos) promoted the blended and online environments because they allow for these types of learning activities – ?

3.3 | Required Resources

Read over, use, and save these resources:

3.4 | Virtual School Tours

Browse these virtual school tours:

Tour 1: Gwinnett Online Campus


Tour 2: Provost Academy of Georgia

Video: https://youtu.be/K0Y1mCUzbNU

3.5 | Required Readings & Discussion

Read the following articles:

Participate in the Module Three Discussion:


Is the job of a virtual school teacher what you expected? Explain.

Are you familiar with any other virtual schools? If so, please describe the school and the stakeholder experiences with which you are familiar.


3.6 | Module 3 Quiz

Complete the Module Three Quiz.

You will have 60 minutes to complete the quiz. You will be given 2 attempts. The highest score of the two will be recorded.

Your Score:  

Your Ranking: